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Need to ID a Fern
« on: April 30, 2008, 07:33:28 pm »
Hello!  I'm new to this community and I would appreciate any help you could give.  I live in Southern Oregon and our area LOVES ferns.  I saw a fern at a friend's house today and she thought it was called a "Rabbit's Foot" fern.  I looked up said name and found that info only re: some houseplant or tropical fern.  Since my friends ferns are outside in the shade and have weathered the past 4 winters of snow quite well, I doubt it is the same kind of fern.  So, my question is "are they called Rabbit's Foot ferns?" or are they of another name that I may use so I can find out where to purchase some.  The ferns are large - about 16" in diameter from end of one frond to the other - and their leaf structure reminds me of Maidenhair fern, but larger; and the fronds have the overall shape of a spearhead, but broken up into the small leaf pieces.  The MOST striking thing about it is that they have PINK flowers on short stalks that remind me of Lily of the Valley.  If anyone knows what I'm talking about - Please tell me!!  They are beautiful and I would love to buy some and put them in.  Thank you.

Update:- I talked with a nursery owner today (5/1) who said he was pretty sure it was a variety of Bleeding Heart.  I'm not so sure, but I'll double check the flowers tomorrow.  Sure would appreciate anyone's help!  I really have a great spot for them and would love to know exactly what to purchase.

O.K. - never mind; I'm pretty sure I've id'd it as a "Fern leaf Bleeding Heart".  Now all I have to do is find one for sale that is growing in order to make sure!  Thanks for the help anyway.
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