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Lawn problem
« on: October 07, 2009, 07:25:10 am »
I live in SW Pa.  I have a large bare area under a shade tree in my backyard.  It is worse this year than ever.  It usually becomes bare by mid to late Fall.  This year, it stayed bare from Spring on.  I seeded early this Spring, but we got a freak freeze and snow that killed the seed.

I was going to do a Fall planting, but now I face the leaves falling and smothering my new seed or growth.  If I wait for all the leaves to fall, I risk getting close to a heavy frost.  The area is about 10 x 10.  I have five dogs (all small) and can't have them in the muddy area during wet weather.

Is there a way to do a Fall planting, or should I wait and try another Spring plant?  I have put garden fencing around the area to keep the dogs out of the mud and off of any seeding I might do.

Any thoughts?