Author Topic: Help w/Rose Cuttings?  (Read 6425 times)

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Help w/Rose Cuttings?
« on: November 08, 2008, 10:16:27 pm »
I am new & live in Missouri in the US.I found this site when looking for info on Paul's Scarlet Roses.Over 60 years ago, I helped my parents plant many roses in Oregon (W coast of US above Calif) I visited my old home last summer & present occupants of the property sent me via mail cuttings from the one rose remaining, gone to wild after all the years. I have put cuttings in pots with plastic bottles over & used willow tea as moistener.All 12 cuttings now have shoots and a few leaves.Winter here is from early Dec to Feb.How long should I leave the  cuttings under the bottles? Should I try in Spring to plant outside or keep in containers for a year? I would so much appreciate advice as I am unfamilar with this subject and so hoping to be able to keep alive a lovely rose that will always bring to mind loved ones and memories of that distant past.Thank you for any help.